In the context of the "Hypervision" exhibition , we were contacted by Puzzle and Centre Jacques Brel to develop a project having for theme the « augmented image ». By means of illustrator Gregory Lê, and some of our knowledge in movie making and motion design, we imagined and built a train compartment in which the scrolling landscape is an infinite loop behind a window. This timeless and fantastic landscape which mixes apocalyptic and wonderful images is carried by Edgar Alan Poe's poem " Dream-Land", interpreted by Hervé Sogne . It results in a unique experience inviting the traveler to embark for an infinite trip on a dark and mysterious world, a world where the man is the spectator of his evolution, of his destruction and his potential rebirth.
The exhibition was visible at PZZL Thionville from mars 9th to april 7th 2017.

Some layers
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