ERRANCES is a virtual reality experience that plunges you onto a desertic and fantastical planet. Aboard a futuristic vehicle, become a witness to a majestic landscape gradually degraded by the exploitation of natural resources. The musical and visual journey explores the meaning of our environmental impact, from harmony to desolation. An immersive meditation on our technological choices and their consequences.

Production year : 2023
Genre : VR animation
Running time :  4 minutes 15 seconds
Format : 6 DoF

Producer : Skill Lab
Funding : Filmfund Luxembourg X Skill Lab 
Director : Gwenael François
Music : Ryvage
Technical Director: Fabien Weibel
Creative studio: Zeilt
3D artist - Space train : Léo Morgan
Studio Director : Laurent Witz
Music Mix: Ryvage & Taipan
Music Mastering : Globe Audio Mastering
Made with Unity

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